Our History


Oak Forest Design began as a cottage industry in 1994 in Sonoma, California by artist/designer Margot Wilson. We are the originator of the glittering beeswax candle, and are located in a quaint studio among the vineyards of Sonoma Valley. Our staff of skilled artisans make all of our candles carefully by hand as we have from the beginning, using the finest natural beeswax available. At Oak Forest we strive to combine the highest quality craftsmanship and materials available to create our unparalleled, unique candle products


Our Candles

Our candle line consists of 31 Natural (unglittered) Colors, 31 Classic Glitter Colors(which all share the the same sugary, gold-based, prismatic glitter) and 21 Metallic Glitter Colors (each with it's own special shiner glitter type.)

Each of our candle styles in both Tapers and Pillars are available in all candle colors.

* Our Taper candles come in the following sizes, with our 8", 10" and 12" packaged in our custom boxes:

8" pairs - burn-time is 3-4 hours
10" pairs - burn-time is 4-6 hours
12" pairs - burn-time is 6-8 hours

and two additional sizes, wrapped in a cellophane sleeve

14" pairs - burn-time is 8-10 hours
16" pairs - burn-time is 10 - 12 hours

* Our Pillar Candles come in 3" x 4", 3" x 6" and 3" x 8" and are packaged and sold individually

3" x 4" - burn-time is 10-14 hours
3" x 6" - burn-time is 14 - 18 hours
3" x 8" - burn-time is 18 - 22 hours

2" x 2" Votives have a burn-time of 3 hours apiece ( * note Votives come in 10 popular colors: Ivory, Butter, Gold Classic, Gold Metallic, Brass Metallic, Silver Metallic, Chartreuse Metallic, Copper Metallic, Bronze Metallic and Ruby Metallic.)


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