Candle Color Chart


 Color Metallic Glitter Palette
 (Each metallic color has its own matching "shiny" glitter)


Black Metallic Brass Metallic Bronze Metallic
Burgundy Metallic Chartreuse Metallic Copper Metallic
Emerald Metallic Gold Metallic Hunter Metallic
Mandarin Metallic Moss Metallic Plum Metallic
Ruby Metallic Sapphire Metallic Silver Metallic



Ultramarine Metallic Turquoise Metallic Midnight Metallic
Violet Metallic Lilac Metallic Seafoam Metallic



Color Classic Glitter Palette

(Our Same Classic Gold-based, Prismatic Glitter is used on all colors)

Almond Classic Apricot Classic Aqua Classic
Avocado Classic Black Classic Butter Classic
Champagne Classic Cobalt Classic Cranberry Classic
Coffee Classic Emerald Classic Forest Classic
Gold Classic Hot-Pink Classic Ivory Classic
Lavender Classic Lime Classic Persimmon Classic
Pink Classic Pumpkin/Cognac  Purple Classic
Rose Classic Royal Classic Ruby Classic
Saffron Classic Sage Classic Salmon Classic
Silver/Opal Classic Sky Classic Sorbet Classic
Wine Classic  


Note: colors depicted may vary slightly due to lithographic and photographic process. Also, color shades of candles may vary slightly from shipment to shipment due to the color variations in the dying process 

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