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Oak Forest Design

Handmade Glittering Candles


Started in 1994 in Sonoma; Oak Forest Design produces premium handmade glittering beeswax candles from natural, 100 percent pure beeswax. These elegant seasonal candles come in 32 Classic and 17 Metallic colors, and make unique gifts, fabulous holiday home decor, and gorgeous wedding centerpieces.

Oak Forest Design is the originator of the Glittering Beeswax Candle. Our candles are made exclusively in the USA and are carefully hand-rolled by local artisans in our Wine Country studio among the vineyards of Eastern Sonoma Valley. We use only the finest materials available for our products and package them in custom protective clear plastic boxes with gold detailing.  Each of our candle boxes is finished with a gold acorn seal and complete burning suggestions on the back. We also make natural beeswax rolled candles without the glitter using the  same colored wax as the classic glitter colors on our color chart in our regular sizes.

Our glittering candles come in two glitter types: Classic Glitter Colors which all share the same sugary glitter with a gold, prismatic base color for all of our 32 Classic candle colors, and our newer Metallic Glitter Colors, which are shiny, same colored glitters that match the base wax color and are different for each of our 15 Metallic candle colors.

We also offer all of our Classic Glitter Candle color choices in Natural, which are Unglittered.

Oak Forest Candles come in 2 styles: Taper Pairs and Pillar Candles

Taper candles come in 3 sizes in boxes:

  • 8"   pairs - burn-time is 3-4 hours
  • 10" pairs - burn-time is 4-6 hours
  • 12" pairs - burn-time is 6-8 hours

and two additional sizes, wrapped in a cellophane sleeve

  • 14" pairs - burn-time is 8-10 hours
  • 16" pairs - burn-time is 10 - 12 hours

Pillar Candles come in three sizes, which are boxed singly, and our new votive candles, in boxed pairs in limited colors.

Pillar candles are all 3" diameter rounds in the following heights:

  • 3" x 4" - burn-time is 10 -14 hours
  • 3" x 6" - burn-time is 14 -18 hours
  • 3" x 8" - burn-time is 18 - 22 hours

Our Votive Sets of candles are 2" x 2" and have a burn-time of 3 hours apiece.

Oak Forest Glittering Beeswax Candles are an elegant choice for unique dining accents, year-round and holiday seasonal home decor. Our candles make perfect California wine country gifts, and are often used in seasonal gift baskets, for corporate and hostess gifts, festive party favors and unique wedding decor.


An Array of our Metallic Pillar in Three Sizes


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